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Englisch C1.2: Legal English

Legal English: Advanced Written and Oral Skills I

Dieser Kurs ist ausschließlich denjenigen Studierenden der Rechtswissenschaft offen, die im vergangenen Sommersemester den Kurs "Legal English Fundamentals" erfolgreich abgeschlossen haben!

This course is the second part of the three-semester UNIcert® Legal English module and is aimed exclusively at those students who have passed "C1.1: Legal English Fundamentals".

Topics: crime & punishment (prisons, the death penalty), criminal law, public international law, US constitutional law


Intended learning outcomes

Using English at level B2+/C1, by the end of the course you will be able to ...

  • understand in detail spoken text (lecture extracts, news items and debates) related to the topics covered in the course
  • understand in detail written text (judgments, case briefs, textbook extracts, newspaper and journal articles) related to the topics covered in the course
  • explain in plain language legal terminology related to areas of law covered in the course
  • draft a case brief on a case of your choice and present it to class using the appropriate conventions and language
  • discuss cases by formulating the legal issue and speculating about possible outcomes, supporting your opinion with arguments and using the appropriate vocabulary
  • write a case analysis using the IRAC format
  • write an argumentative essay on a controversial issue related to the topics covered in the course
  • participate in a formal debate, preparing and delivering arguments that support your side and rebutting arguments cited by the opposing team
  • prepare for and perform a role in a criminal mock trial (e.g. attorney, judge, witness, etc.)


Admission requirement: successful completion of "English C1.1: Legal English Fundamentals"

Credit requirements: portfolio, active participation

Credit points: 4


LE2Advanced Written and Oral Skills IMo
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Licher Str. 68, HS020
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