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Englisch B2.4: ECP Oral Communication

UNIcert II, Afk-Nr. 302


"English B2.4: English for Career Purposes Oral Communication" is part of the "UNIcert® II - English for Career Purposes" module. It is intended for students who are planning to do an internship or pursue a career in an English-speaking country or in an international setting. The focus is on listening and speaking.


Intended learning outcomes

Using English at B2 level, by the end of the course you will be able to:

  • talk about your studies (major, minor, specialisation, interests, etc.) and career plans
  • present in detail a company/organisation for which you would like to work
  • answer common job interview questions (self-introduction, questions about motivation and experience, competency-based questions, "curveball" questions)
  • deliver a 15-minute presentation on a topic related to your field of study
  • communicate successfully on the phone using standard "phone call expressions" (introducing oneself, naming purpose of call, leaving/taking messages, asking for clarification, etc.)
  • communicate successfully in meetings (agreeing, disagreeing, making suggestions, dealing with interruptions, etc.)
  • understand and comment on short audios and videos delivered in standard dialect on the topic of careers and work
  • use a variety of online resources to look up the words, expressions and collocations you need to complete career- and work-related tasks (both general English and subject-specific terminology)


Admission requirement: successful completion of a B2.3-level English course at the ZfbK or level 68-75 in our online placement test

Credit points: 2

Credit requirements: active participation, regular homework assignments, 15-minute presentation and listening test


Students who in addition to this this course also pass "English B2.4: English for Career Purposes Written Communication" are eligible to take the UNIcert® II - English for Career Purposes exam (a separate, additional exam in February/July every year).

302UNIcert IIFr10:00-12:00Alter Steinbacher Weg 44, 20414.04.-14.07.Judit Kepecsentgeltfreikeine Buchung