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Englisch B2.4: EAP Introductory Reading/Writing

AfK-Nr. 299

"English B2.4: English for Academic Purposes Introductory Reading/Writing" is intended for students who need English for their university studies. The focus is on reading and writing.


Intended learning outcomes

Using English at B2 level, by the end of the course you will be able to:

  • comprehend academic texts by recognizing collocations and developing vocabulary
  • paraphrase reading material into short answers and summary
  • write about a controversial issue by presenting both sides in a fair way and discussing them objectively
  • analyze, revise, and edit student-produced writing
  • successfully use cautious language (hedging devices) and linking words
  • apply proper punctuation to your texts


Admission requirement: successful completion of a B2.3-level English course at the ZfbK or level 68-75 in our online placement test

Credit points: 2

Credit requirements: active participation and final exam (reading and writing)


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