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Englisch B2.4: Career English - Writing Skills

UNIcert II, AfK-Nr. 301

OPEN TO LEVELS B2.4 and C1.1!

"English B2.4: Career English - Writing Skills" is part of the "UNIcert® II - English for Career Purposes" module. It is intended for students who are planning to do an internship or pursue a career in an English-speaking country or in an international setting. The course focuses on writing and reading, and it is suitable for levels B2/C1.


Intended learning outcomes

Using English at B2 level, by the end of the course you will be able to:

  • write a CV and a covering letter tailored to a specific job advert following Anglo-Saxon conventions
  • answer competency-based questions in online application forms using the STAR technique
  • write work-related emails using different registers for different recipients and a selection of standard phrases that typically occur in emails
  • identify a problem and propose solutions in a memo
  • understand and comment on a selection of newspaper articles on the topic of careers and work

You will also be able to

  • apply some of the basic principles of writing in your written work: organizing and structuring ideas clearly, linking ideas effectively and choosing the appropriate register
  • correctly use particular linguistic features of English that typically cause problems at level B1+/B2 (e.g. commas, tenses, adjectives and adverbs)
  • use a variety of online resources to look up words, expressions and collocations you need for your texts (both general English and subject-specific terminology)


Admission requirement: successful completion of a B2.3-level English course at the ZfbK or a score of 68-85 in our online placement test

Credit points: 2

Credit requirements: active participation and end-of-term exam (reading and writing)


Students who in addition to this course also pass "English B2.4: Career English - Speaking Skills" are eligible to take the UNIcert® II English for Career Purposes exam (a separate, additional exam in February/July every year).

301(UNIcert II)Fr10:00-12:00Leihgesterner Weg 52, 12319.04.-19.07.Judit Kepecsentgeltfreikeine Buchung